Dog Friendly Request

We are trying to obtain planning permission to build two houses specifically for pets and their owners, we recognise that almost 25% of the population of Northern Ireland and indeed the UK own pets, and with the advent of pet passports more European visitors will be looking for accommodation that are willing to accept pets.  Update: As of the 8th of May 2012 we have won our appeal to build two houses specifically for pet owners 400 metres from our other properties at

We are considering dedicating two houses at Dundrum Bay Holiday Homes that can be used by pets and their owners. These are houses 7 and 8 which I believe we can fence off individually to still allow children and others to safely avail of the large communal garden in front of the other houses, any views on this change would be welcome. Update: We now do take pets in at Dundrum Bay Holiday Homes, in House 7 which sleeps 6 persons and House 8 which sleeps 4 and we will apply a two person only discount on either house if only two people and their pets are staying. We will charge a supplement of £15 per dog up to a maximum of two dogs per house no matter how long the duration of the stay a weekend or a fortnight.

One of the arguments that the planners will listen to is that there is a ‘defined’ need for the type of tourist accommodation, but as of yet they have failed to accept our word that people are actively out there searching for ‘dog friendly’ accommodation. If you have a view on this or would use such accommodation if it was provided please use the comment box to let us know.

14 Responses to Dog Friendly Request

  • Great post, I’ve just got a poodle puppy to train.

  • We find it very difficult to find dog friendly accommodation and would love somewhere close to the mournes that offers this.

  • My family and I are all dog owners, we love viisting Ireland , as we have for many years and we would really

    love to bring the dogs with as we know they would enjoy beautiful beaches and the countryside.

  • Many of us have Dogs as pets.
    To take your beloved pet with you on Holiday Is something most of us would and do like to do

    Accommodation suited for this Is hard to find

  • We have been searching for suitable self catering in Co Down where we can take our dog with us and found most places do not accept pets,as we are not willing to put pet in kennels we have now booked in South of Irealnd where there are more available places.Northern Ireland is losing tourist trade that it can’t afford to lose

  • We would definately be interested in dog friendly accommodation. Very hard to find, and for that reason we don’t go away as much as we could.

  • Sounds great! I’ll be one of your first guests, along with my lovely golden Labradoodle, Ellie! We can’t wait!!

  • We have been searching to find dog friendly self catering holiday homes in Northern Ireland and struggled to do so. We found a really good selection in England including hotels, but we want to holiday at home so we fully support any accommodation with pet friendly availability. There must be a massive demand for this as there are thousands of dog owners in NI.

  • pets – yes please

  • We would love to have stayed at your cottages in Dundrum but we note you do not have any place for our wee dog. Hope this can be sorted in future.

  • Have you had any success with your planning application? As an owner of dog friendly accommodation in the Mournes, I really believe there is a market out there for those actively seeking dog friendly accommodation. Best of luck, and let me know if I can be of any help. Didi

  • hi would love to see mre pet friendly houses to rent , we usualy hire a caravan but they stopped it this year saying its because of allergies .

  • Always looking for dog friendly accommodation in Northern Ireland. We have family that stay so in order to visit them we come over but require to rent somewhere as they cannot take the dog at their house. Great idea.

  • I am booking a week and would have loved to bring my two small dogs (Jack Russell/Chihuahua) but accommodation allowing dogs is so difficult to find. So they will have to stay at home, distress and kennels fees for both me and the dogs. Please make this facility a consideration for the future.